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Page 307 - December 27, 2012

Look at that bear butt in the first panel and try telling me it's not the most adorable bear butt ever. You can't.

By the way, the reason I'm updating like six hours later thanusual is not because I've slept 'til four in the afternoon or anything. Oh no, it's a far more annoying reason than that. Remember how I said we were buying ourselves a 4G internet connection for Christmas? Yeah, that turned out to be a complete bust. We were promised (and paid for) a 100mbps connection, but for these last few days it's felt like 1998 and dial-up connections all over again. The connection's been so poor today that it wasn't until now that I managed to hit a tiny window of almost decent speed to upload today's page to the server. I swear, if this useless 4G thing had caused me to miss an update for the first time ever, I would have gone upstairs and smashed the router into smitherines! Then we would have to switch back to our old plan! ...Alright, I wouldn't have, I never act out feelings of anger or frustration in a physical way. But I've sure been fantasizing about doing it the whole day!

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