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Page 215 - September 15, 2012

"Vicious" one tough word to spell, I was about to spell it "viscous", but that just looked off. Internet dictionaries to the rescue! "Viscous" is apparently a word too, but not exactly one with the definition I was looking for here. :B

Looks like most people didn't have strong opinions on the white borders one way or another, many didn't even notice them until I mention it. Then there were a couple who were quite positive "oh yea!" about the stuff, and a couple who mere wore "eeengh" about it. So, I still need to experiment some more and really think about this. After all, that's what this comic is all about, me figuring out stuff (with your help) so that the next comic will be the best thing it ever could be. During this chapter I have some more pages with white panel borders, a few a coming up shortly, then it looks like I didn't use them for a long while at all, and finall the chapter rounds of with a few more white borders on the final pages. In chapter 5 I've been experimenting with a completely different looking border effect, that I think fits in okay. But I'll let you guys give me your opinion on that once we get there, we still have almost half of this chapter left, which equals over two months of updates. :3

Speaking of chapter 5: AAARGH! I want to post the pages for it right now! I finished page 319 yesterday, and I'm just so darn pleased with the last few pages, I can't stand not showing them to anyone yet. Especially page 314, it has a really neat half-page panel that is one of my absolute favourite panels so far (the first panel on this page is also up there). I really do need my 100+ page buffer for this comic, but it is not an ideal solution. It makes me kind of disconnected with the pages I'm actually posting, and anxious to get to the point where I can start showing the most recent pages. I can't even put the panel up as a sneak peek-thingie, since it's just too spoilerish, even though it doesn't have a single speech bubble. *Sigh* Oh well, once aRTD is over and I start drawing SSSS, I'll definitely be keeping the page buffer at a more practical level, maybe 40-50 pages. Tops. -_-

Hannu's own parents are complete pushovers and treat him with way too much love and none of the tough kind, so Mr. Kuikka has to step in as the disciplinarian some times. Actually, make that all the time. The guy's already a single parent with three very difficult children, and on top of that he has to bother with keeping this nuisance or a person in check. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: poor guy.

Looks like it's Saturday once again, so no page tomorrow. See you all Monday morning!

Oof, last thing: I really like the first panel, so I put up a larger version (and without the giant speech bubble covering up stuff) as the new voting incentive over at TopWebcomics. Okay, now I'm done, the end. x3