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Page 216 - September 17, 2012

Good after-the-weekend morning, which is the worst of mornings, to all of you! I hate Mondays... *Garfield mode*

Oh dear, panel number 2 sure got crammed all up with speech bubbles, fitting them all in there really wasn't an easy task. I know, I probably should have pulled a "kill your darlings"-move here and simply change the dialogue into something less wordy, but I really, really, really didn't want to. It's one of those (kind of insignificant) snippets of dialogue that I've had in mind for a specific scene forever, and just couldn't bare to sacrifice only because I made a poor panel choice. And I think the panel order is readable, which is the most important part, even if it looks tight. My first draft of the panels was pretty darn confusing though, and it looked like this :

Just look at that! I couldn't even make sense of the reading order of those things myself when I went to do my final typo-catching and file-resizing round yesterday. First of all, since the tail of Mr. Moose's second speech bubble runs through Hannu's own, at a quick glance those two were very much in danger of getting mixed up. Especially since the tip of Mr.Moose's speech bubble tail starts off earlier than Hannu's, giving the prompt that his part of the dialogue should be read first. On top of that my eyes didn't really know where to go after the first speech bubble: to the right or straight down? The distances between those speech bubbles is different, but for some reason I kept jumping right down to the bottom of the panel. So,major revamping anoy, and now those issues are hopefully solved. Running the connector-tail of Hannu's two speech bubbles straight through the panel isn't an ideal solution, but it's the best I could come up with here. :B