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Page 214 - September 14, 2012

Oh my, white panel borders again. Now that we've got ourselves that comment system, it's time for the divine question: white borders, yay or nay? Personally I kind of like them, and I've tried them out on and off through the rest of the chapter, but on the other hand I've got to admit that they don't exactly serve a purpose, and may just contribute to making the pages seem unnecessarily decorated. White or colored borders fit really well in some comics, I've read a few sci-fi-ish print comics with really dark colors that have utilized light panel borders in a way that they actually make seeing things on the page easier. And on the webcomics section we've obviously got Plume, where white borders are one of the style choices that I bet makes a lot of people instantly recognize a page from Plume if they were to come across a stray one somewhere on the web, even as a thumbnail. But yeah, I'm really on the fence about using them myself. :/

As promised, I've now updated the vote incentive for TWC: the uncolored ink linearts for pages 210-214. :3