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Page 211 - September 11, 2012

Thanks for all the great suggestions on what to do with that one speech bubble on the previous page, I went with the little moose head doodle in the corner of it. Go look, go look! Does it look okay? I think it looks okay. :B *eagerness*

Hehe, roof... oh, hey, I realized something yesterday: we passed the halfway through-mark of this chapter two pages ago! Yaaay? Seriously though, I feel like this chapter has been going on forever already, and it's kind of hard to believe that there's still just as much of it left. How on earth was I able to finish the earliest chapters in about 30 pages each? I felt like they were so incredibly long back then, now they seem simply...insignificant. I really hope I'll be able to round this whole thing up in under 550 pages, but that is starting to look less and less probable each day. Before the summer whenever someone would ask me how many pages I had left to draw my answer would be "oh, maybe 200 pages". Now that I've drawn almost a hundred pages more, my answer to that question is "oh, maybe 250 pages". Apparently I've slipped into some kind of alternative reality where the more pages I draw, the further away from the end I get. x__x

(PS: Sisko here, aka redhead-lady, is Paju's mom. She's the assistant manager in the Kuikka family store.)