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Page 212 - September 12, 2012

Aaand end flashback! Old man Kuikka sure has some cowardly, unhelpful friends and employees, huh? Oh, and let's not forget those cowardly, unhelpful children of his either. Poor, poor guy. ;_;

I'm happy to announce that chapter 2 has now been updated to this new comic inteface layout, which means: new header image featuring snake-Ville: link. I'll add the full color version to the gallery tomorrow. :3 Only three more of these, and we'll have the whole comic layout up to date. Woohoo! Yes, three: the prologue needs one and the first chapter needs two, one for both of Ville's first forms. I really should have split those two up and included the first part of chapter 1 in the prologue instead. Sure, that would have made chapter 1 incredibly short, but this way Ville's squirrel form doesn't even have a cover feature! That's one thing I'll probably change if(emphasis on that) I ever compile this comic into a printed book. :/