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Page 210 - September 10, 2012

Oh, hey, a memory page. I don't think there's been any of those so far. *Checks brain folders* Nope, none that I can remember, only the occasional memory panel here and there. Hmm...maybe some kind of special color palette or texture overlay would have been in order to give that cinematic "this is not happening now"-effect. On the other hand it's a relatively recent memory, so some kind of heavy effects may have been too... unnecessarily flashbacky. Meh, I guess this way is okay. :/

Ooof, I need you guys to help me out with the speech bubbles on this page. Ever since I drew it I've been wondering: do the speech bubbles come across as confusing to anyone? They're all just blobs floating in space with no identifying element that tells which speech bubble belongs to whom. Sure, almost all of them belong to Mr.Kuikka, but the second one in the middle panel (that belongs to Mr. Moose) seems like the kind that could potentially throw someone off. I have such a hard time envisioning how other people might read the dialogue since I obviously already know who's supposed to say what. x/ So, would anyone prefer that there were a small name space or some other kind of identifier added to any of those wild, floating speech bubbles on today's page?