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Page 206 - September 5, 2012

I think that I brinefly talked about Hannu working as a baker in Mr. Kuikka's store a while back, but I'm not actually sure if it was covered in the comic. Was it? Uuugh, I don't want to go back and check, I get such anguish from looking at any pages I've done more than a few months ago. ;_; Not that it really matters at all, he could be student or completely unemployed for the sake of the story. But hey, might as well make it clear that the man isn't merely the father of his closest friends to Hannu, they actually know each other quite well, Hannu being a full-time employee of the man and all. Plus the Viitanen and Kuikka families have always been very close, so...there you go! That's today's unnecessary background explanation (which I still suspect I may already have covered once in the past. -_-)

Mehh, I don't really care for this page. Probably because I was really pleased with yesterday's page, so both the composition and backgrounds in this one come off as lame in comparison.

The third page of Puppy-Fox's 200th birthday-mini comic is up as a vote incentive. Ah, I'm so happy with the two last panels on that one, some times style experimentation really gives such neat results. ^__^