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Page 205 - September 4, 2012

Yes! Scene change! A great opportunity to do a complete reset of the colors (which I felt had started to feel a bit stale) since people won't feel weirded out by a sudden color change if it also comes with a new location to go with. Plus this area is supposed to have a safe and sheltered feel to it, so something warmer and happier really was called for. I'm quite happy with what I ended up with in the first panel. Oh, and look, it's some middle aged, bordering on old, dude. Yes, that's Mr. Jouko Kuikka.

Nowwww for those silk screen prints I promised yesterday! They're all SSSS related stuff, and the large versions are available in the gallery.

The prints were all done with a slightly different approach: the first assignment was to just draw the original by hand in black and white on a sheet of tracing paper, The second original was supposed to be an image with a wider range of colors (a painting or photo) from which we had to separate out at least three color areas, make the xerox machine fart those out and make the print out of those. The third and final one has a raster pattern on the dark color on top, hence the variation in values that the two first ones don't have.

I'll upload the sketches and some failed prints in the art log soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Uhh, so... I guess the overall impression one might get from these images is that this comic is going to be completely different from aRTD. But it's not really that different. Yes, the setting is completely different, so is the main cast and the story structure, but the overall tone is rather similar. There's a considerable amount of horror mixed in there (who was able to guess that I'm massively influenced by "Dead Space" and "The Thing" by looking at the second image?) but in its essence i will still be a quite character driven, feel-good comic. The level of seriousness is a tiny tad higher than in aRTD, but the level of humor is about the same. Although I don't think I'll be able to keep a "G" rating for it... o_O

That's it for today, the second page of "Puppy-Fox's 200th birthday" is up as a new vote incentive (clearly the reason he's an insufferable brat these days is that he got the lamest presents possible as a child), and I'm off to school once again! Bye-zies~