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Page 204 - September 3, 2012

Teehee, I sense a scene change coming up on the next page. Oh joy! :B

I have the best kind of vote incentive ever for you guys today, namely the first page of that 200-page anniversary mini-comic that I promised some time ago (or maybe I didn't? o_o). It's the story of Puppy-Fox's 200th birthday, back when his awful brattishness was viewed as mere childish cuteness. I'll upload the next pages tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, so no breaks in between to ensure maximum vote-bait-success for myself. *Rubs hands together* Oh, and don't worry if you miss a page, I'll post these and the 100-page anniversary strip I made ages ago right here on the site once aRTD is finished, so you'll get to read them within a year anyways. And feel free to save the pages on your own computer as we go along if you want to be able to read them all in one sitting. :3

I've kind of used these four mini-comic pages for some fun artistic experimentation, that's why some panels look...uh, artistic really is a good word to describe it. Some panels are neat, others are just buhh. And the pages were drawn in about 2 hour each, so they're speed-comics, woohoo! I've got to say I was pretty much going "o__o Whyyy do I suck at art today? I didn't suck yesterday!" when drawing that first page that's up now, but then the central panel suddenly turned out insanely well, and I was like "Yeeeaah, that was so on purpose, I totally knew what I was doing all along. I'm the greatest." Don't you just love when that happens? The whole world just seems so wonderfully bright all of a sudden, all because of a simple instance of success at the end of a painful struggle. More struggles for the people! That will make everyone happy!

Anyway, here's the panel, because I'm just so pleased with it that I want everyone to see it and give me praise even if they don't happen to vote. xB

Ooh, there's a new image in the gallery too, it's the first of those silk screen prints I made during last week and the week before that: ->link<-. I was able to get some neat SSSS concept art out of the assignments since the teacher was pretty much "I hate providing subjects for assignments, so you guys just draw whatever you want as long as you use the technique I'm teaching, m'kay?". I'll get the two other assignments added into the gallery tomorrow and compile all of my sketches and other fun stuff into a new art log entry on Wednesday (probably). I've still got to clean up a whole pile of scans, that's why I can't put all of them up today. :3