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Page 203 - September 2, 2012

Whoops, I forgot that today was Sunday and should therefore be no-page-day, but what the heck; I'm feeling energetic, so here's a page anyway. :3

And thank heavens that pesky action scene is finally over! Sure, action in a story is a nice little change in pace to keep some of that monotony out, but I can't help but be frustrated with how painfully slowly the actual story progresses during an action scene. All we've had for the last half a dozen pages has been Hannu and Ville fleeing from that beast, and virtually no new information has been provided during that time.  Well, six pages of action really isn't that much compared to many other comics I've read (that include have action scenes in the first place), but I'm still happy that it's over now. And I guess there's a lot of people who even prefer some of that cool action over characters just walking from one location to another while chatting about stuff, uhhh, I don't seem to have a proper conclusion to this thought of mine. I really prefer non-action over action, that's probably what I intended to get across.

So, what do you guys prefer? Intense fight scenes with lasers coming out of people's eyes, car chases across roofs and heroes jumping from one chopper to another in mid-air, or stuff with more leisurely exploration and lots of feel-goody or dramatic, but bordering on pointless, character interaction?