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Page 207 - September 6, 2012

Wow, they're actually indoors for once! The last time that happened must have been...uh, in chapter 2? In the barn? Yeah, that sounds about right. Good, we get a brief break from all the purple-ness. Instead we have yellow! And some purple...

There's some wonky perspective stuff going on in the main panel, but overall I'm happy with it. I skipped using a ruler on purpose to add some looseness and life to the room, so I'm at peace with the crooked, rough lines. But there's also whole lot of actual issues going on here and there, not aggressively obvious stuff, but there's enough of it to kind of create an uneven feel to the place. It's pretty clear that I didn't manage to keep the vanishing point stable through the scene when I sketched the place up, it wandered around a bit. My worst mistake has, however, a very conveniently placed speech bubble on top of it. Completely by coincidence, I did soooo not try to cover it up or anything! o_o' (Believe me, please? No? Okay. Good, you shouldn't.) See the area around the upper part of the panel where the shelves are meeting at a corner with the cashiers table? There's some seriously confusing linework hidden there, do not approach that area! It will suck you right into the terrifying world of Escher.

The fourth and last page of Puppy-Fox's birthday-mini comic is now up as a vote incentive on TopWebComics, so we'll be back to boring incentives every few days again. I doubt I'll do any more mini comics this year, but I do have two little stories tucked away in my head-chambers that I hope I'll have time to draw for you guys next year (I'm sure I will.) The first one is the story of when Hannu first got Ville as a puppy, and the second one is the story of when Hannu borrowed Riikka's car and drove it into the lake. year, maybe as 400th 500th page celebrations. :3