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Page 160 - July 18, 2012

Yes! Page 160! Everything that ends in a zero is worth a big self-high-five. *High-fives self* And maybe some candy? *Walks to the store to buy some candy.*

Ugh, it's a good thing school starts up again next month, I'm completely losing touch on what day it is over here. The whole morning I've been living in the belief that it's Saturday. Then I took a quick peek at the calendar, and would you look at that: Wednesday! Err, I do wonder what things are going to be like once I'm out of school and working independently, I'll probably end up losing track on what year it is. And I can barely remember my own age as it is, I usually have to re-calculate it using the year of my birth and the current one every time someone asks. Man, my future encounters with people are going to be really awkward. New acquaintance:"so, how old are you?" Me: "Eaaumm...what year is it?" o__o