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Page 161 - July 19, 2012

This was a fun page, drawing trees is a pretty mindless practice so I didn't have to burn too many brain cells during it. On the other hand it did take about an hour longer to finish than the average page. Drawing a panel with the whole background done ink is waaay slower than just throwing in something digitally, or even a character lineart + digital background combo. But it was worth it, I like how this page turned out, especially the top panel.

By the bye, I'm going to start with something fun with the vote incentives on Topwebcomics: I'll put up the unedited, uncleaned, freshly scanned lineart for the newest page each day. That way there will always be something new as a reward for you lovelies who take the time to vote, rather than just a few times a month. Since there's been a bunch of people who have been requesting to see the uncolored linearts for pages in the past, I assume looking at the raw traditional state of these pages is something that does interest some readers here. I always save the linearts in a separate folder anyway before coloring them, so why not make some kind of use out of them if I already have them lying around? ...and simultaneously help aRTD climb that ranking ladder a bit, hehee. :3