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Page 159 - July 17, 2012

Oh, happy, happy day! I now have all of the linearts from last month colored and every single page speech-bubbled (that's a very usable new verb that I invented.) So all the pages up 'til page 260 are completely done, which means I now have a page buffer of exactly 101 pages. Nyehehee! Chapter 4 isn't all finished yet, it still has ten or so pages left that I need to draw, which makes it about 30 pages longer than it was supposed to be. x|

By the way, I do have a good reason for accumulation such an enormous buffer, I'm not simply a cruel witch who likes going "Kehehee! I have a hundred pages and you don't get so see them! Now I'm going to go buy a bouncy castle, put it in the back yard for everyone to see, and then I won't let any of the neigbours kids use it. Ever! Kehee!" The reason for keeping this kind off pile of pages to myself is simple: I want to have plenty of time to draw and polish the prologue of Stand still. Stay silent (which is about 60 pages long) before putting any pages of it up for you guys to read, yet I don't want there to be a huge gap between the end of aRTD and the launch of the new comic. Having a hundred pages as a buffer will mean 3 months of daily updates (+10 pages at once in the end). I would prever having four months during which to work, so I might still fatten up the buffer a tiny bit. On the other hand a one month break between the comics would probably be OK...well, I'll cross that bridge later, it's still a bit early to promise anything too specific on that matter. But that's the reason, and now you know.

Also, new voting incentive for Topwebcomics: it's a panel from page 260! Don't worry, it's quite non-spoilerish, and a great fat thanks to everyone who votes. ^_^