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Page 158 - July 16, 2012

And we're back with our main duo! One might think I would be somewhat tired of drawing and writing these two by now, and that our little detour to the spirit world would have been a great relief for me, but nope! That was nothing but a necessary annoyance for me, and all I wanted was for the scene to e over so that I could get back to drawing my two dear main characters. And thank heavens for that! Imagine having to draw ~300 pages more of this with the attitude of "gaaargh! I can't stand drawing another panel of these two! Why, oh why don't I have any more characters to switch between?!

On another happy note: I finally have a decent title for the "giganormous, wondermazing epic comic project"! And I won't have to refer to it in that fashion anymore... which is exactly how I feel about it, by the way. I have absolutely no qualms hyping it, because I'm pretty darn stoked about the whole thing myself. It will be great, mark my words! There, now I've made a promise, and I can't back down from it. :B

Oh, right! The name! Here:

Hahah, look at that crappy fake banner-whatever-thing! I made that yesterday around midnight, trying out a million things and smushing them all together without worrying about that lame voice in the back of my head that says "goddamnit, pick a couple of effects and be done with it already! It doesn't need all that stuff! GO TO BED!" I hate that voice, it always tries to make me simplify everything like good graphic designers are supposed to do, but I don't want to! Eengh! X< Ah, yes, the title: officially I guess this will be "just" a working title which may or may not become the real deal, so there is always a possibility of a complete overhaul somewhere along the road, but as of now I am very content with what I've got. It fills all of the criteria I had set for an acceptable name for the comic:
One: It should not give away anything about the story, yet it should refer to a significant concept in the comic in such a way that someone reading the comic will get it.
Two: It should provide at least some possibility for a bit of fun typographic experimentation. Let's see what we have here; four almost equally sized words, divided in two equal parts. Yup, that's workable.
Three: The abbreviation of the name should be at least somewhat memorable. You know, nothing insane like LPLHRTTG. And since Stand still. Stay silent gets a very simple abbreviation in the form of SSSS, that's a clear pass on this point too. That's three out of three, title accepted!

Actually I have had another working title for about half a year or so, but that one failed pretty darn hard on criteria number one: it was the most spoileriffic name for anything ever in the history of names. Seriously, I can't even write it down here without completely breaking my rule of not revealing too much of the story yet, it's almost on par with "oh, hello there, this comic is about this and that and such!". Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but only a bit. Other than that failure it was actually not that bad of a title, and it was only one single long word, which in itself is already pretty cool. I was a little tempted to just go ahead and keep it as the real title on that one merit alone. But awww, point one was, and is, the most important criteria for choosing a name, and I just knew that part was going to bug me until the day I day I die. So, garbage can, meet failed title.

But now this part has been taken care of! That's more thing that I can cross off the giant list of stuff that needs to be worked out before the actual comic-drawing part can start. Oh, wait, I don't have a list... then I shall make one! In Excel!

I love making lists in Excel.