Stars Tutorial: There's a lot of manual labor in store here (if moving a pen a round in a repetitive motion can be called that) but also a bunch of tips and tricks how to both speed up the process of drawing a sky full of stars and how to make it all look so much fancier.


Water Tutorial: Contains three different tutorials consisting of five simple steps each: how to draw flowing water, rain and surface reflections. For using the tutorial it is recommended that you already are at least moderately familiar with the digital art program of your choice, as this tutorial does not provide any specific information on tool or program settings. But all you really need to know is how to use a a regular paint brush with adjustable transparency- and softness-settings, a smudge brush and layers.




Most of the tutorials below already have a few years on their backs, and I'm not completely happy with everything presented in them anymore. Still, they do contain some useful, simple tips that may come in handy, especially for beginners in the field of digital art.


From left to right:


Fur tutorial
Grass, scales and rocks tutorial
Clouds tutorial
Lightning, snow and fire tutorial
A walkthrough of an older piece, "Two of a kind"

Tutorial - draw furs Tutorial - textures Tutorial - clouds Tutorial - draw lightnings, fire, snow Tutorial - draw cats, furs


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