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Page 555 - October 22, 2013

I've made it back to my (other) home in Sweden in one piece! I didn't even have to stress out about taking a taxi/bus to the airport, my dad agreed to give me a ride there on his way to work and the rest of the trip went well. Except...they confiscated my tooth paste in the security check, noooo! Apparently tooth paste counts as a liquid and my tube contained 25ml more than the allowed amount (100ml) so it got intercepted by the bag scanner machine and they couldn't let me keep it, awww. The security person looked super apologetic about having to take my sad little toothpaste tube. x3 But it didn't really matter to me, it was my travel spare anyway and I have a second one here at home, so it was okay.

On to a completely different subject! I've started prepping the early aRTD pages for print, and it's time for that long-awaited proof-reading that we talked about a while back. So: I'll post a chunk of fixed pages every update day for the next month or so, starting today, and those of you who feel like it can just give them a quick read-through to see if there's still some typos or other weird things left after my first fixing round. Aaand here's the first 13 pages, the two parts of the prologue:

--->Go rrread the first pages, yaaaay?<---

At the bottom there's a little comment section where you can leave a comment if you found something that still is off, or if you didn't. And I'll be forever thankful to anyone who bothers reading through pages as I post them, even if only now and then! If we do this together I should be able to have the whole comic fixed and ready by December, which is when it's scheduled to go into print. And the first 200 pages are the most crucial, before that I didn't have the comment system up so those pages are like a minefield of typos! And you know me, sometimes when I fix a typo I reintroduce a new one and won't notice it on my own.. ^_^'

And...t-tomorrow is the last page! But there will be cool stuff, I'm going to finish the SSSS countdown blog today and the first thing I post there tomorrow will be the first half of the old aRTD vote incetives that many of you have been waiting for. I'm kind of excited, eee! Oh, and also: I just had to have Tuomi and Little hare reunited in the end! Now everyone's happy. And yes, Hannu took Ville clothes-shopping because he's too big for any of Hannu's clothes, and of course Ville picked out anything he could find with hearts on it. :3

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