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Page 554 - October 21, 2013

Hannu has worked so hard building a comprehensive backstory for his new roommate, but then Ville keeps accidentally turning that backstory into "I have amnesia". He just goes "Ummm, Hannuuu, what was it again...?" whenever someone asks him where he used to live, what his last name is or where he went to school. -_-

And nooo, last week of aRTD! Thank goodness that I'll be back at home by tomorrow, I wouldn't want to be struggling with a tablet and mobile network at my parents' place when this comic finally comes to an end. I want to be sitting by own own computer for that and be able to easily answer comments and stuff! I also need to get the SSSS site coded and running, I'm going to launch the little countdown-blog right away when aRTD ends so that you guys won't get lost on the way to the new comic.

Bye 'til tomorrow, as long as I don't get lost on the airport somewhere.

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