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Page 510 - August 24, 2013

Oh, Kokko, thwarting Puppy-Foxe's evil little plans once again. I was surprised/kind of happy to see that so many of you already figured out that Kokko cast her own stasis spell on the previous page, well noticed guys. But nooo, it's Saturday! Now we won't find out if Puppy-Fox eats little Brat-Bunny until Monday, awww. Also, next'll get to finally see Ville in his last form! Not yet on Monday, but definitely next week, yup. And I've finished page 18 of SSSS, so here's a preview panel:

Yes, there's a very...ehm...intense-looking woman on TV, probably yelling at the audience about something crazy. Or is she? Anyway, tune in next week for the long awaited end of this chapter! *Skips away*

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