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Page 503 - August 16, 2013

Awww, Hannu is sad. Tomorrow we'll get back to Ville and Puppy-Fox! And oh my, we sure broke whatever the previous comment record was yesterday. It was so nice to see so many people leave their first comment! And this time we weren't discussing the weather or milk, how peculiar! But hey, here's another preview panel from SSSS for a change, from page 13:

Oh, and remember how I said I would change the donation wallpaper around this time of the month? Well I won't, because I remembered that the wallpaper design will be one with all of Ville's forms, and therefore it also includes Ville's final form! What a horrible spoiler that would be! So I'll change the donation wallpaper when this chapter ends, anyone wanting to grab the current one still can. :3 (And a gazillion thanks to all donators so far, you're all such heartmuffins!) See you all tomorrow with a new page, and probably a new cliffhanger. This chapter is like nothing but cliffhangers.

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