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Yaay, ranking sites!

Page 496 - Aug 8, 2013

Yaaay! Everyone got to go back home! Except two beings, but what's two out of a whole village, right? I bet no-one even notices they're missing.

I'm at my parents' place now, so the first part of my trip home is done and I only have one ferry ride and bus trip left of my journey. I'll be home late tomorrow afternoon and I can go back to my comfortable work routine like everyone else does once summer ends.

Oh, and I'll try to update from the bus (can't update on the ferry, poopy Internet) but if something won't work I'll update once I'm home instead. Everything's worked as it should so far so I'm not exactly worried, the only real threat I can think of is that my Swedish SIM-card wants me to re-enter some login info (that I can't remember) once I put it in my little MIFI device again. My Finnish card didn't, but you never know. In that case we'll just have an evening update instead. :3

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