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Page 495 - August 7, 2013

Tomorrow they'll all be going home, the comic will end and I was just lying about there still being one chapter and Ville-form left. Or was I? No, I wasn't.

But I'm going home today, summer is over and I'm heading back to Sweden. I'll spend the night at my parent's place in southern Finland and take the ferry that leaves tomorrow, so I won't really be home util... Friday evening? So I will have been vacationing for less than two weeks.

Anyone remember last year though? I was gone for a whole summery month between chapters 3 and 4, I didn't even update because I didn't have Internet (and probably wouldn't have bothered even if I had). Ah, those times feel like a whole eternity ago! I was only updating three times a week and didn't have comments enabled because I felt so insecure about this whole comicking thing and was afraid that people would say mean things. Although aRTD barely had any readers anyway, maybe a tenth of the current readership. A lot has happened in a year...*sighs*...okay, I'm done being nostalgic, bye for today and see you tomorrow!

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