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Page 458 - June 27, 2013

Awww, little bunny was so close to telling them about the entrance, and therefore solving the whole situation. But that would have meant the end of the story and the comic pretty fast, so maybe his unwillingness to help is for the best.

I managed to draw all the characters I need for the SSSS prologue, despite the suffocating heat. And yes, there's a lot of them. But since the prologue is divided into four separate (but somewhat connected) parts with their own characters, it's not that many after all. One of the parts only has two characters. Plus background and supporting characters of course, but who needs to plan those?

I don't need to worry too much about the appearances of these guys either, because they probably won't ever be recurring after the prologue. They're important enough that they do have names, but I only need to be able to draw them consistently for their own 10-page scenes. There's a couple in the set that I might change a bit or completely, but other than that I'm all set. Aaaa, that reminds me, I do still have a set of 5 secondary (the guys above are tertiary) recurring characters to draw. But that's not a pressing matter, I won't need them for the prologue either.

Tomorrow we'll be back with Hannu and Ville, see you guys then!

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