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Page 444 - June 11, 2013

We all knew this was what was going to happen, somewhere deep down in our hearts. ;_;

I'm in Iceland naooow! And if this update shows up then it means I'll be able to update the comic as usual. I've got to go get myself an Icelandic sim card though, the internet here at the hotel costs 1500isk (about 10 euro) for 24 hours. Not terrible, but a bit much just to update the site each morning. And I forgot my cap at home, I have nothing to wear on my head and feel wrong! Oh well, we'll go to the mall first thing after breakfast, there I can get everything I need.

By the way: there is a disturbing lack of trees here! There's a few, weak-looking ones inside Reykjavik, but everything I saw on the ride hew was completely empty. Coming from Finland where every house, road and field is carved into and surrounded by a thick cover of woods it's pretty... disturbing, that's the only word I can think of. But it's freaking awesome too! I'll have to take a better look today, all me and my mom did yesterday was walk to the closest grocery store and buy some food before going to bed.

Also: it's raining of course. See you tomorrow. :3

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