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Page 443 - June 10, 2013

So who here believes in Ville's possibly awesome flying skills? We'll see what they're like tomorrow! In the mean time you should go take a look at the new look of the main site. If it looks crazy and messed up try refreshing the page a time or two, it should look like this:

Hm, looks like I still have a couple of hours left until I've got to go to the airport. So nervous! I'm afraid that the airport people will look at our printed out e-tickets and go "what? Printed tickets aren't a real thing! Go home". I also had a nightmare where me and my mom got to Reykjavik only to discover that our hotel didn't even exist. Also, we had to walk all the way from the airport and everything looked like we were in Spain for some reason, including donkeys that helped carry our luggage. So, yeah: nervous! But if everything doesn't go wrong I'll be updating from Iceland tomorrow! And if something does go wrong and I can't update...hmm, then I'll make it up for you guys somehow.

...and I'm going to miss my little kitty so much! She tried to eat my fish oil supplement pill yesterday and it was so cute.  ;__;

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