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Page 438 - June 3, 2013

Aaalright, new week, and the week when this chapter ends and the enxt one begins! I'll have to keep that one or two day break between the chapters as I did last chapter, but Ville's new form will be shown this week!

A bunch of you remembered that I showed Hannu's smug face from the last page as a sneakpeek-votebait months ago, so you might also remember his even smugger face on this page. Oh yes, he's very pleased with himself right now. And speaking of vote baits, I'll leave the pokemon gym leader-Hannu and pokemon-Ville pucture up on TopWebComics up for today too and put up a new lineart batch tomorrow. A huge thanks to everyone who voted over the weekend (especially to those who voted both on Saturday and Sunday!). ARTD was nr. 1 on the list for the first time ever and kept its place for over a day, and even though it's been poked down a notch now it was still really awesome to experience. So thank you all, and see you tomorrow! =^_^=

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