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Page 437 - June 1, 2013

Tuomi's buddies don't approve of being lost in the woods, I can imagine that they were complaining, whining and nagging Tuomi a lot about everything before he put them to sleep. Now they can do that again.

Hey, it's a new month! That means the TopWebcomics list has reset once again, and his time around I have the bestest vote bait picture to bribe you guys with: I drew Hannu as a pokemon trainer/gym leader and Ville as his adorable pokemon! I was just going to draw a simple sketch of them to amuse myself, but drawing it made me so happy that I spent a couple of hours on drawing some clean linearts and coloring it. Vote for aRTD if you want to and get the image as a treat. ^_^

Can you imagine Hannu as a pokemon gym leader though? He'd be all "my pokemon will beat up your pokemon so hard that your whole family ends up in the hospital!", and then he'd send out Ville-poke who just wants to cuddle with everyone and chases his own tail. He's a love-type pokemon, and his moves are Kiss, Lick, Charm and Attract! No, wait, if he's supposed to be a gym leader's pokemon then he needs an ass-kicking signature move...hmm...ah, yes, let's replace Lick with a move called Heartbreak that literally breaks the opponent's heart and knocks it out cold. Heart surgery will be necessary.

Ah, pokemons...the greatest link to the happiest memories of my childhood. ~<3 Alright, I'm done geeking out, see you all on Monday!.

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