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Page 420 - May 13, 2013

Aaand I'm back from my quick little trip to Sweden to take care of that important stuff (still won't tell what it is because it's not finalized and I don't want to jinx it xO) so the updates will continue on as normal once again! Yaaay! I really have to get myself on one of those mobile network plans that work abroad with a fixed fee or something for the next time I go somewhere, because not being able to update was paaaainful. There were some Wifi hotspots along the way, but they were of course way too unsafe to try updating through even if I had taken my tablet pc and necessary files with me. But no more update breaks this year if I have a say in it!

I said I would sketch something fun on the boat so I drew a greayscale marker sketch of postapocalypse!Hannu and cyborg-mutant-dog!Ville. Cute cyborg-mutant-dogof course.  It's up as this week's vote bait picture on TopWebcomics. :3

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