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Page 419 - May 8, 2013

Nap time for Hannu! And that's the last page for this week, tomorrow at this time I'll be on a boat, arriving in Sweden. Unless I miss the aforementioned boat, in which case there will be a page tomorrow and I'll be crying lot. (Please don't hope for that to happen, thank you! Xo )

Nnngh, I'm so nervous! If this was just a pleasure trip I wouldn't be (ahahah, yeah right) but there's that important stuff that I have to take care of in Sweden this weekend, and I can't miss that! I'm so glad that I have 5 hours worth of font design class to look forward to before it's time to get to the harbour. Typography is so calming. It's literally pixel pushing at this point, and seeing my own new comic font taking shape in front of my eyes really makes my tummy stop twisting. Worked on Monday when I had to go to the doctor where they took my blood! Better work today too.

But yeah, see you all on Monday with regular upadates again! Maybe I'll sketch something fun on the boat ride too. :3

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