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Page 373 - March 13, 2013

Lost again, and apparently those nasty birds are getting their revenge on poor Ville after all.

It's poll time! As some of you might know, I'm writing my bachelor's thesis about some general webcomicking stuff, so I figured I might as well do some "real" research since I have the resources for that, namely you guys. Maybe I'll be able to make my theses read a bit less like a "I just pulled this all out of my rear end"-thesis and more like...the other kind of thesis. And I'm genuinely curious about some reader perspectives on a lot of stuff regarding webcomics, because in the future I want to be able to provide the best kind of webcomic reading experiences that I can! So, today's poll is about ads. How do you guys feel about them!? (Edit: the poll is now closed, enjoy the results!)

Personally, I rarely even notice ads on the webcomic sites I read, so I don't mind them at all as long as they're not the epilepsy-inducing kind, pop-ups or have audio. In fact I've found a lot of new, neat webcomics through some of those ads when I do occasionally notice them. But on my own site... I don't really want to have them, and if I ever reach a point where I'll be able to support myself by doing a webcomic without the help of ad revenue (got to be plenty of book sales, I guess) then the ads will be the first ones to go! Then I'll have way more freedom with my site designs!

Now tell me, oh readers of webcomics, how do you feel? Tell me your preferences, pet peeves, good or awful ad experiences and anything else webcimocs+ads-related. Of course I also want to hear from those of you who swear by the power of ad blocker.

(And you can still vote for aRTD in the webcomic tournament at, I think this round Uhh, time zones,they confuse me so. A huge thanks to all who have voted so far, we're actually in the lead for the moment. O.O)