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Yaay, ranking sites!

Page 372 - March 12, 2013

Looks like we made it to round 2 in the webcomic tournament, yaay! A great thanks to everyone who voted, you've made me so very happy. Last year aRTD wasn't even known enough to be picked to participate in the tournament at all as far as I know, so this is very heartwarming!

Anyway, voting for round two is going on right now. It's down to 64 webcomics, and aRTD is pitted against...uh oh, the very wonderful and apparently quite popular comic Nimona. I checked back on the votes given in the seeding round last week (was it?) and looks like Nimona got a couple of thousand votes, which was 18% of all votes given and almost ten times as many as aRTD's votes. So I guess the only way aRTD is going to get through this round without being pummeled to the ground is that the creator of Nimona isn't really interested enough in such silly competitions to even mention it to their readers, ehehe. ^_^'

But either way, getting beat by such a neat webcomic really won't hurt too much, and I urge you all to check it out! And then please vote for aRTD over here if you still like it better. (Apparently you can vote anonymously, but they still require a facebook account to authorize the vote. I guess the folks at ComicMix are trying to cut down on vote-cheating or something.)