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Page 360 - February 26, 2013

Sooo, that didn't work. Time for plan B. Is there a plan B? Ummm...

Well, well, I can honestly say I got a very good read on people's opinions on book sizes yesterday. We broke the previous comment record again, and the option to compile the whole aRTD story into one huge tome won over the alternative of splitting it into two books with like... I don't even know, well over a hundred "votes" against less than ten?  One big book it is.

But that's still months away. It'll still take me about three months to draw the last one and half chapters (and graduating at the same time( then it's summer, and summer is summer. But after that, I guess we'll have a fun little crowdfunding/preorder month, and see if we can get enough scratch together to make a nice, small print run happen. And if we can't, then life moves on.

The question about how expensive the book and international shipping would be (that's for almost all of you) was asked a few times, so here's the estimate I've arrived at after some research during these last couple of months: about 60$ for the book + 25$ for shipping internationally, ptobably can't go lower than that. So those of you who feel like you need to save some up money for that, maybe aim for 90 bucks just to be sure. The worst that will happen if you decide not to get the book after summer's come and gone, is that you'll have almost a lean hundred in your pocket to be used on anything you want. Like candy. So, now that that's been discussed, let's get back to the misfortune of our heroes!