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Page 359 - February 25, 2013

Uh-oh, crow... by the way, I need you folks to help me decide on one thing that I've tried to decide on for a couple of months already:if I were to make a book version of aRTD, should it be one, big 570+ page giant, or two normal sized, under 300 pagers?

I've been going back and forth on this, one week favouring two books, and the next week I switch back to the big one. Going to the comic sections in book stores and libraries to touch, weigh and sniff the differently sized books for reference hasn't helped either. And I can't really move forward to other parts of planning (like the design of the book/s) before this decision is made! Here's some pros and cons for the two options that I've come to think of so far:,

-Waaay cooler than two normal books.
-Less time consuming to produce and ship than two separate books.
-Will cost less than the two books put together.
-You can flip through the book and see my whole development arch in one.

-Heavy, so kiiind of impractical to carry around.
-The one-time cost to produce and ship is higher than for the small books separately. I guess it could be be a financially bad thing for some?
-Probably a bit cumbersome to keep in your lap and read in bed.

-They're easier to read in bed.
-Lighter to carry around one at a time.

-Combined, the production and shipping costs will be higher.
-Also takes a longer time to put together and ship.
-The first book will contain most of the art-vise struggling pages, so the two books would be kind of uneven in quality.

As you can probably see from the list, I'm currently in favour of the big one. I've always been a fan of big, heavy books, and the reduced work load sounds pretty nice. But this isn't all about what I prefer, It's what you guys prefer! I know I would just put my copy on the book shelf and not read it again, so I'm completely disregarding the inconveniences that can come from actually reading such a large book.

So tell me, wonderful readers, about you feelings around books this day. One or two books, if you had the choice? What are your personal pros and cons? Do you have any other strong feelings about different types of books? Tell me everything, every bit of opinion and information will help me out here! And if you wonder just how thick an almost 600 page, full color graphic novel hardcover might be, imagine your average Bible.