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Page 280 - November 26, 2012

That bird has a real derp face. Like a a dumb, ugly bird. Is it going to play nice, or is it going to play like a dumb, ugly bird?

I have a webcomic recommendation again, yaay! It's also a kickstarter-campaign recommendation, so dig out your wallet if you like supporting crowdfunded print runs of webomic or just enjoy having physical copies of them. This comic right here: Widdershins! I only discovered it this weekend so I'm not completely done reading yet, but it's been such a fun read with equally fun and pretty artwork that I can whole-heartedly recommend it anyways. The second reason I'm not holding off my recommendation a single day longer is because the Kickstarter campaign to fund the print run for the second volume has only three days left as I'm writing this, so tick-tock goes the little funding clock. The print drive is thankfully fully funded already, which means the books will happen, but you guys still have a chance to get yourseles copies (you can of course get the first volume too).  I'm sure the author-artist won't mind some extra pre orders coming in. At least give the comic a read, it'll surely brighten your day. (And oh, how I love the mood the layout on that site creates. It makes me feel the opposite of not happy.)

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