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Page 279 - November 24, 2012

Apparently Hannu has enough self-insight to recognize that he has flaws. He does not, however, regret any of them. Being seen as an amoral asshole is really no biggie.

There's a fun little vote bait picture up as a new vote incentive over at TopWebComics: Ville as an adorable little turkey! Apparently you Yankees celebrated something called thanksgiving a couple of days ago.  And apparently people celebrate it by eating turkey for dinner, together with all their relatives, and with a lot of hilarious drama. Alternatively a group of friends who have trouble getting together with their families eat that turkey together and then realize that hey, they were kind of like an unconventional family all along. This also leads to hilarious drama.

Yes, everything I know about thanksgiving comes from watching sitcoms, I can't really remember the holiday being covered during the brief overview of north American history in school. It does have a Finnish name though: "Kiitospäivä", literally "thanks day". Anyway, turkey Ville is adorable, not gross-looking like the real bird.

Ooops, almost forgot: it's Sunday tomorrow, so no page as usual.

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