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Page 268 - November 12, 2012

Hopefully this page doesn't have as many typos as Saturday's page did! It probably does though, because of all that pointless chit-chat.

Yesterday I did something that I haven't done once since I started with the six pages a week-thing: I slept 'til noon. Aaaah! It was heavenly! Over 12 hours of sleep! I was completely disoriented the whole day because of it so I didn't get more than half a page done, but it was worth is as a one time lapse in productivity. I ended up spending most of the day browsing through Icelandic real estate sites for some reason. Oh, and reading about taxes. Taxes confuse me, they make me feel like I've forgotten what math is.

I'll do some quick plugging for another webcomic today, this one: Carciphona. The artist/ author is doing a little voting challenge where she has promised to post 4 pages (two spreads) during the whole month of December if the comic stays up in the top 30's on Topwebcomics this month and one page every day if the comic gets into the top ten. The point is of course to try getting some new readers to discover the comic. I definitely feel like Carciphona deserves a whole bucketload of votes and whatever new readers might come out of it. I'm not a big consumer of manga these days, but this one is absolutely gorgeous and the artist has been postingt at least two pages a week for years as far as I know, without weird hiatuses or constant missed updates that seem to plague most long-form webcomics. So, go give Carciphona a read if you're not familiar with it yet, or just go oogle at the wonderful art of Shilin, and remember to give her that vote (or two, or three, or ten) on TopWebcomics this month. I want those 30 pages for December, darnit! x__x