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Page 267 - November 10, 2012

There's a new vote bait picture up over at TopWebComics again:  a colored sketch of Ville's first four forms (no dog form though.) I had some time to draw it during yesterday's class, because I usually work on the inking part of the comic pages during lectures, but yesterday I left everything but a pencil, an eraser and my notebook at home. Had to draw something else. Yes, had to,  I simply can't focus on anything the teacher is saying unless I'm drawing something while listening. Hence the Ville sketches.

 Obviously those sketches didn't take more than a fraction of the class to draw, so I've got some other doodles too! During a break me and a couple of my classmates started a nostalgic discussion about bygone childhood years and Pokmons for some reason, so we spent the last couple of hours doodling old-school Pok-critters, trying to remember their names and what they looked like. (Of course while listening to the teacher.) Day well spent! Don't you agree?

Also, here's a super fail Blastoise sketch to round off this week. I so couldn't remember what this particular beast looked like, apart from it being a gigantic turtle monster with water cannons poking out of its shell. Uuuugh. x_x

Ah, drawing these brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. Those were days with nothing to worry about but to remember saving the game session often enough in case the batteries in the Gameboy suddenly died. Happiest days of my life! I honestly can't remember any occasion when I would have been more excited than when I was playing those first Pokemon games. I guess I've become too old and cynical to experience such pure, absolutely careless joy anymore. :/

Uh, so, anyway: colored Ville compilation sketch up as a new vote bait picture, and see you guys on Monday with the next page!