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Page 220 - September 21, 2012

My magical future-reading senses are telling me that there will be a neat environment shot coming up on the next page. Heh, wouldn't it simply be the weirdest thing if there wasn't, and I just ended up drawing close-ups of Ville and Hannu's faces for the next page, completely skipping showing off any scenery. I'm fairly sure drawing a panel like the last one counts as a unwritten comicking contract to show off something neat once the page is turned. :B

Oh, also ...uh...therewillbenopagetomorrow. *Le gasp!* Yes, I'll be out of town for the whole weekend, going with my mom for a late summer/early autumn visit to our cottage in central Finland. So, no internet for me, just a whole bunch of rest and silence. Hm, I guess this will be the first time I skip an update since that summer break, and the second skip in the (kind of short) history of aRTD.

So, monday = next page. Enjoy the super classical sunset panel in the meantime, I'll try to get some of that sleep back that I've lost during this week. x_x Oh right, almost forgot: I also put up a new vote incentive for Topwebcomics. It's the ink lineart for a new watercolor piece that I'm working on which will be used as the header image for the second half of chapter 1. It has squirrel Ville in it, eee! :O