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Page 219 - September 20, 2012

Now, this page...this page is a super-duper mega-über special page, because *drumroll*: it's a left hand-page! The first and last one of its kind, at least so far. I pretty much just wanted to see if I could pull it off, as even though I've been practicing hte use uf my left hand for almost a year now, I haven't dared to try anything serious before this. And maybe my right hand was aching a bit at the time, and I just really wanted to let it rest for a while, but simply couldn't stand not drawing more pages. So, this page is all sketched, inked, colored and speech-bubbled with leftie here, except for one detail, and that is the inking of Hannu's eyes, nose and mouth. Faces and expressions are just so delicate stuff, I didn't want to risk messing that up.

I mentioned this upcoming "special" page a while ago (a month, maybe?) and the fact that I've gradually moved on to coloring and drawing the backgrounds with my left hand as my motor skills have slowly improved, mainly to let my actual drawing hand rest for a bit. Wouldn't want to get any permanent joint- or tendon injuries from overworking it. ;_; In fact, that is my second greatest fear in life, right after going blind, which would not only make me unable to draw, but it would also make it impossible for me to enjoy other people's art. But now that hand-related fear is a little less overbearing, since I apparently could continue on my over-enthusiastically hopeful quest to become a professional comic artist, even if I were to lose one hand. Because I've still got a great one as a backup! Sure, leftie's motor skills are still quite lacking, and the sketch+lineart part of this page took easily twice as long to draw than my usual pages, but that's nothing that can't be fixed by a few more years of practicing. :B

Hannu doesn't exactly seem very proud of his childhood activities, yet tries very hard to convince Ville (or maybe just himself) that he didn't really do anything wrong. -_-