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Page 185 - August 15, 2012

Wouldn't it be just the worst thing ever to wake up one morning and find out that your lawn now reeks of drunk-guy urine? Drunk Heikki is actually not a bum, even though his namesake state of mind and unconventional behavior might suggest that. He's just a common working man in his thirties who likes to get completely ass-faced in the village pub every Saturday evening, which also makes him need to pee around the exact time when he's on his way home from the pub. And he's the kind of drunk who just has to go when he has to go. Oh, and he's afraid that he'll be stung by a bee if he does his business too close to the bushes, and it's grossly unsophisticated to just pee on the road, so: he pees on people's lawns every Saturday evening. By Sunday morning he's embarrassed.

...Yes, I like thinking up background stories for characters that don't even make an appearance. There's not much else to do but think when drawing these pages. And goddamnit, Ville is looking like a dragon-hybrid in this page again! I swear I was using like a million (read: a dozen) reference pictures when drawing Ville in his moose form, but I'm suspecting I may have forgotten to use them for this page. That's got to be the reason, the other alternative reason being that I just suck at the art of using reference pictures in the first place. Which is very much possible. -_-

Hey, fun thing: I snapped a quick picture of my enormous pile of page originals before I put them away into their new "fancy" folders. Behold: the pile, divided into chapters, and be sure to do some extra beholding on the size of chapter 4 (this chapter) and its enormousness:

Chapter 4 is almost as long as chapters 1,2 3 and the prologue combined, I think it's like seven pages short of that. Aw man, I should have stretched it out for a few more pages! Ah, and chapter 5 seems to be coming along quite nicely too. See how I remembered to cover  up the newest page with a piece of cardboard to keep spoilers from happening? Smartness! *points at brain*