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Page 184 - August 14, 2012

Wow, it's been eons since Ville was seen in his dog form, I've almost started to forget that he even used to be one.

Yesterday I did a crazy thing: I organized all of the original linearts and put them into neat little brown cardboard folders! *Gasp!* I never organize my things, I usually just stuff things in the drawer under my bed or something if they start to get in the way, and the comic pages have been piling up on the shelf next to my scanner since the very beginning. And not in a neat pile either, but an ugly, disheveled pile from hell with books, sketches and magazines in between that's fallen over many times during thee year. But now that pile is gone, phew! Well, almost gone, I only had four folders and I couldn't fit the second half of chapter 4 in them, so...

I've got to say, I was a little surprised that none of the pages seemed to be missing, since I've scanned maybe a quarter of the pages at school (they've got a way better scanner than mine over there) so I had to dig for random bunches of pages from various drawers to get them all. Maybe one or two of the earlier ones could be missing, I have to admit I didn't check that well, because looking at the pages from chapter 1 made me want to scratch my eyes out and eat them to make sure I never have to see that embarrassing mess again. Uuuurgh, the awkward ugliness! X_x No-one look at chapter one ever again, okay? *Everyone goes to re-read chapter one*.

Yes, yes, I'm really glad that I've improved enough for me to actually notice it, that's the whole point of this comic. But there's still a very large part of me wishing that I had been good enough at the very beginning of the comic for my reaction to the first chapter to be "hm, crude, but it's got its charms. I can sleep well now!" instead of that eye-scratching urge I got. I think the point where I'm starting to have some instances of the more positive reaction is somewhere about mid-chapter 2, and even certain parts of the prologue. Which, by the way, I actually drew after finishing chapter 1. Yes, I had the same problem most people probably have when starting a story: how the heck do I kick this thing off without it being completely lame or cliché? Well, I was kind of in a hurry to start drawing the comic, so my solution to that problem was to just start drawing from the point where I did how the events would transpire, and leave the beginning for later. That's why the prologue looks less awkward than the stuff that follows, I think I had gotten the worst bursts of ugliness out of my system by then. o_o