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Page 547 - October 14, 2013

Home, sweet home! On that subject: I'm going back to Finland for the week to visit my family for probably the last time before Christmas. I'll be updating normally of course, and I'm taking my tablet with me so I can work on some things I still need to get done before the launch of SSSS. And maybe even work on the aRTD book if my tablet is able to handle the comic files. Also, I'm super nervous! This time I'm flying to Finland instead of taking the boat, and I've never flown all by myself before! It's not the flight itself that's making me nervous, I'm very comfortable with airplanes, it's the airport! It's filled with people and movement and labyrinths and procedures and possible panic attacks! But at least the airport in Stockholm has its own train station, so I can get there directly without having to change to a bus somewhere along the way. And the train ride is less than four hours. :3

On a different subject: it's time for the third minicomic! Print drive backers from the 20$ level up should have already gotten their download links in via email over the weekend, make sure to check your spam boxes if you haven't seen it. If you can't find it there either just email me about it and I'll resend yours. And for the rest of you it's now available in the minicomic store with the other two:

-2$, Buy it now-

Get that one if you'd like to know how Hannu became a graveyard vandal. Hmm, I'm not completely sure how old Hannu and his friends are in this one, but it's before Hannu got Ville so he's younger than 19. Maybe...16 or 17. And that's all for today, see you tomorrow once I'm in a different country!

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