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Page 541 - October 3, 2013

Ahahah... Kokko, what did you dooo? But hey, at least Ville is still able to talk, right? And Kokko was kind enough to replace his fur with some proper winter clothing so that he doesn't freeze to death right away. Or look like a weirdo.

Oof, I've got three minicomic pages done so far. I'm being a bit slower than I hoped but I'm still holding on to my wishful goal to get all 20 pages done within the next 8-9 days. I should be able to do it if I can keep my focus up on a constant level during the whole day, which I tend to really fail at after around 9 in the evening. Yesterday I actually tried out for the first time in my life that energy drink thing that all the cool kids seem to be consuming these days , and EEEEEW, caffeine is so gross! At least I think it's the caffeine, it would certainly explain why I think coffee is so yucky. I got a few cans of separate brands and with different flavours to see which one I might like the best, and they all tasted like bitter sewage! Blerrgh! Strawberry and kiwi flavour? More like garbage water flavour! One carbonated kind was sort of bearable since the awful taste was masked a bit by all the sparkly-ness, maybe I'll be able to force down like half a can of that in the evenings. It could help a little I guess? Or maybe not, I didn't really feel very energized after drinking any of that stuff yesterday, but I would be okay with just a slight placebo effect now and then.

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