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Page 528 - September 18, 2013

Hannu is kind of frustrated because his hand hurts, and when he's frustrated his IQ goes waaay down.

Well, well, the print drive is still going strong and it's time for some more upgrade options to the books, this time in the in-book drawing department. I've had requests for a simpler, cheaper drawing option for those who really want one in their books but can't go for the Bear Level, and requests for an option to have two characters in the drawing instead of just one. Now that's possible

So if you have a book that has the signed bookplate you can include the simpler mini-drawing with an extra 15$. And if you havea book that includes the normal, default drawing you can upgrade that to a two-character picture with an extra 20$. The way you make the upgrade is the same as for the other upgrades/add-ons: click on "contribute now" to make a second contribution, choose "no perk" and enter the amount for your upgrade in the dollar amount box.. Shortly after the campaign is over I'll contact everyone with extra contributions to confirm what upgrades/add-ons you they wanted for it. So please write down all the extras that you pledge for now so that you don't forget! Alright, that's it I think. Page 28 of SSSS is done so here's another preview panel, it has a woman wearing an umbrella hat in it:

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