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Page 523 - September 12, 2013

Let the fox hunt begin! And Puppy-fox won't even be able to burn his opponents to a crisp, poor little guy!

Buuughh, we hit the top stretch goal yesterday! That means you'll all get 6-8 extra pages for the comic, an epiepilogue after the current epilogue! Hmm, and we still have over two and a half weeks left, I should...come up with a couple of new stretch goals? I'll have to make some calculations about what I'll possibly get to keep out of the raised funds and then decide on a couple of more, okay? Okay. Well, I'm going to leave today's post a bit short since I'm suuuper tired and better just get back to work. I almost finished three postcards yesterday (I'll show them tomorrow) and I finished page 25 of SSSS, here's your preview panel:

They're sisters and they're in a car and and and face mask. That's your spoilers for today, this person is going back to work now!

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