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Page 511 - August 26, 2013

Uh-oh, Puppy-Fox! You've got too many loose ends to tie up now, what will you do?

Wheee, I finished up the character profiles for the fourth chapter! Only a handful of characters left, I'm sure I'll get the last chapters done during next month. And speaking of the characters: Skit linked a very nice little text-to-speech page in Saturday's comments, and I found the Finnish speech simulation to be quite accurate. So if you'd like to finally find out how the different names are pronounced, try this thing out.

Just pick "Finnish" as the language and "Mikko" as the voice. The two first voices are kind of rushed, at least with short two-syllable words like names (they seemed a bit better suited for longer words though). I quickly checked that all the character names in the comic are pronounced correctly without weird glitches, and here's a simple little string of the names that are on the characters-page so far, ready to be copy-pasted into the speech simulator: Hannu, Ville, Paju, Vuokko, Junnu, Sini, Mauri, Riikka, Anssi, Jouko, Jonna, Joona, Oona

Aaand the names of the characters that I still need to make profiles for (chapters 5, 6, 7): Anu, Astrid, Juho, Tuomi, Lauri, Kielo, Kokko

Oh yeah, I left out Åsa because it's a Swedish name with a Swedish letter/sound that doesn't exist in Finnish so the speech simulator can't pronounce it correctly. It pronounces the "Å" as a "O" instead, which is its closest Finnish equivalent but still way off. The Swedish Astrid worked fine though, no silly Swedish letters in that one. So, have fun with that guys! Now whenever the very frequent question of "how is Ville pronounced?" comes up I can just link to that and problem solved! :3

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