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Page 508 - August 22, 2013

Puppy-Fox can look pretty crazy when he really gets into it, huh? But someone to the rescue! Who is it? You'll find out tomorrow! And another SSSS preview panel, from the freshly finished page 17:

My goal for this month is to get to page 22, therefore completing the second act of the prologue, and also have time to redraw pages 1 and 2. They ended up looking way different than the rest of the pages, to the point where there's no way I'm not going to redraw them. Hmm... I have 9 days left of this month, maybe I can do it... but I also have to draw the cover page for the last chapter and the new site layout and prepare the Indiegogo page, so maybe not. But at least I'll try! So hey, 'til tomorrow, we're getting pretty close to the end of the chapter. And I put the fanart contest rules on its separate little page for easy access through he month, I'll put this banner link riiight for the time being:

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