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Page 505 - August 19, 2013

Hey, we've seen this bunny before! Maybe he could help out? Except he might not want to...ah well, exciting page tomorrow! And the day after that. And the day after- okay, you get the pattern. I'm also done with page 15 of SSSS, so here's your preview panel of a guy being a very difficult customer(tm):

The fanart contest idea seemed to fall in fertile ground, so I'll get right on that! I'll have the submission guidelines and prize info up...tomorrow probably, that way you'll all have a whole month on your hands. Oh, and I promised I would share my "traumatic childhood art-contest experience"-story, so here goes *deep sigh*:

Once upon a time I was a little girl of maybe 5 years of age, not attending school yet and still living in Sweden (as I do now, once again!). Every summer my family would travel back and forth between Sweden and Finland on the ferries, spending most of our summertime in Finland at my grandparents' place or on their little island. Well, on one of those ferry trips on board one of the Viking Line ferries they threw little "art-contest" in the kiddie recreational area. Of course I entered, everyone always told me how great I was at drawing, and my ego told me I could win that box of crayons! (Losers only got a slightly smaller box of crayons.) So I came up with a great subject for my entry! I'd draw the Viking Line sailor cat-mascot, steering a pirate ship! With a pirate-sword in hand and a cool eye-patch! And that's what I drew in the hour we had (way too little time, in my opinion) and was quite happy with my drawing. And...I lost! To like a three-year old boy who had smeared a blue blob of nothing with his single crayon all over his paper! GAHHH! My ego died so hard that I could have died with it!

Since that I have taken part in a few art competitions from time to time, never winning so much as a honorary mention. And every time there would be a rewarded piece that would bring back memories of that first time and drag out the horrible part of my dying ego that would scream "oh COME ON! My drawing was better than THAT! Someone please tell me my drawing was better than that!". And after my late teen years I decided to stop entering art contests at all because I had become the worst loser! I bet I would be a terrible, spiteful winner too so it was an appropriate decision either way.

So that's the story of my "terrible" art-contest "trauma": the three-year old kid and his blue blob of nothing! I mostly only have losing-experiences from every other contest-type things too, like this one time as a kid (also before school and moving to Finland) I was trying to win any kind of little toy from this small charity raffle in town. I bought so many tickets and kept losing every time (while my friend won something with every second ticket he bought) that the raffle lady finally gave me a teeny-tiny rabbit plush out of pity so that I would just stop buying tickets already. ;_;

Alright, I shared mine, now please make me feel better by sharing your traumatic contest stories! Or if you're the kind of person who only wins at things, please let me know how that sweet, sweet victory feels! :O

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