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Page 474 - July 15, 2013

Ville to the rescue! Again!

Hm, now I've lived on my own in a "foreign" country far away from home for a whole week and I haven't died from depression yet. Mostly just a whole bunch of anxiousness, but as long as I keep working I don't notice it. Oh, and I've finished drawing page 2 of SSSS (working on page 3 right now) and it has an awesome cat in it:

Aaaaaw, now I miss my own little kitty at home! Great, and now I'm sad and want to go home... better stop writing and go back to drawing, that way I won't think about stuff. And talking of drawing: I've also finished the donation wallpaper! I'll put up a donation button by tomorrow, maybe it'll cheer me up a bit...

Oh, and I have to make sure that I'm up and somewhat dressed by 9 from now on, because the mail comes super early here! Maybe stop hanging around in my PJ:s until noon. :S

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